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Our kitchens: Vitoria

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  • 15/07/2022
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    Warm, organic, relaxed...words fall short when it comes to describing one of our favourite kitchens: Vitoria.

    Its green finish wins over even the strictest traditionalists. Not for nothing, this colour is trending and, in view of its acceptation, will be for a long time. Combined with a wood effect it is capable of creating a cosy, fresh and casual look.

    The contrast, on this occasion, is created by the details in black, which bring a certain solidity to the ensemble. Visual solidity, of course, it already has the real thing. Our Vitoria model is part of our PR-19 line which, as you know, is manufactured with a greater thickness than usual. Specifically, 19mm; a measurement which guarantees extra strength and durability.

    Join us to find out all the details.



    Together, but not mixed up

    If in one of our articles you read about the different options of how to integrate open-plan kitchens into the living room, the Vitoria model brings a new idea to this style.

    Kitchen and living room flow into one, following the open concept precepts. Visual separation is achieved via the kitchen flooring, of hydraulic tiles, which contrasts with the rest of the room, brining character to the composition without restricting neither space nor light. This floor goes with the dining area where the same tiles have also been used.


    Open up to new concepts

    Not all kitchen furniture is the same. Leaving aside those design innovations which mainly affect the aesthetics of the furniture; today we want you to open your mind to a new way of detecting quality in the kitchen. As always, it can be found in the little details.

    For example, the Silentia + hinges which are used in the Vitoria model. For those who simply see a hinge, we want to tell you that this piece has two silicon oil dampers and an adjuster for the decelerating action. Its effect? Goodbye door slams. Or, in other words, goodbye noise and possible breakages. Closure will always be perfect and silent.



    Without having to look too hard, we can find more of these important little details: the Kintai anti-tilt inlay shelf, a system which guarantees complete stability calculated to the millimetre for modular high, low , and decorative shelves.


    As could hardly be otherwise, our Vitoria model incorporates retractable doors. Thanks to this system, the doors retract and are hidden as if by magic in perfect balance. Through this, we achieve the perception of creating new spaces (click... and a breakfast bar appears!) and, at the same time, we make our kitchen a safe space.

    When it comes to facilitating the opening and cleaning of cupboards and drawers, we have included our inlayed drawer pulls on all drawer fronts to take this design to the next level.


    More light

    One of the strong points of this design is the integration of natural light, which becomes the real main player in the scene, creating a cosy and pleasant environment in which you will want to spend as much time as possible.

    However, to this sunlight we can add different artificial lighting options to help us create new atmospheres. In our Vitoria model we suggest you play around with lighting inside and outside of the kitchen furniture. For example, look at the Bold display cabinet, whose light is aesthetic and extremely functional.


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