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At OB Cocinas we are dedicated to the manufacture of kitchen furniture. We have a factory of around 40.000m² which allows us to carry out the manufacture of kitchens for their subsequent distribution.

Custom-made kitchen furniture

We are currently a benchmark company in the sector. We are one of the most important manufacturers of kitchen furniture in Spain. We have distributors throughout Spain and export to more than 15 countries around the world, including countries such as France, Portugal, USA, Mexico and Senegal. OB Cocinas maintains an export level of 30% of our production and every day we work to continue growing internationally.

We work with the responsibility and commitment that comes from years of experience in service and training. A trajectory of four uninterrupted decades helps distributors and commercial partners to place their trust in us, thus ensuring that our kitchen furniture is distributed on a regular basis.

One of the basic pillars of OB Cocinas is the reliability and security in the delivery of the order with our own transport in accordance with the planned deadline and fulfilling your expectations.

The modernisation of our facilities is carried out with investments in technology developed by leading woodworking companies. Thanks to the implementation of innovative technologies in terms of design, we are able to achieve an ideal combination of aesthetics and functionality in our kitchen manufacturing process. In addition, we apply a sustainable business philosophy through environmentally friendly production and management policies.

In our distributors, you will find shops or kitchen studios where you will be fully advised to buy an OB kitchen that fits your needs. Our team will design and manufacture your made-to-measure kitchen, always with high quality products and using sustainable resources, respecting and caring for the environment.

In our company we have a catalogue that includes a wide variety of customised kitchen furniture designs.

Quality and garantee

In 2008, OB Cocinas obtained ISO 9001 certification for its quality management system. The production process was improved by increasing the number of quality control points in all sections and the participation of suppliers and products from leading brands was increased, bringing greater quality and innovation to the product.

Production process and monitoring

Our production process combines technologically exclusive and automated processes with manual and artisan processes. The flexibility and adaptability of our production system allows us to provide solutions that adapt efficiently to all needs. The system facilitates continuous monitoring of the state of each kitchen before delivery to the distributor, guaranteeing compliance with the planned delivery time.

More than 40 years of experience

Founded by Gonzalo Obrero Ortiz in 1978, OB Cocinas continues with the same dedication and projection as the first day. It has become a reference in the furniture market at national and international level. The 30% of the production is exported worldwide.

Sustainable environment

OB Cocinas awares of the benefits of a business policy that is respectful and committed to our environment. Given this position and adopting a global vision, it acts by adapting and improving processes that help with sustainability. Continuing to make progress in this area is a priority in OB’s business policy.

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