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Kitchen open to the living room

Each kitchen requires a specific layout that adapts to the space available in the home. If we want to integrate the kitchen with the living room, we will need open spaces, without vertical elements such as partitions. When planning the layout, three important aspects must be taken into account: efficiency, ergonomics and organisation.

Create open spaces for unique experiences in your kitchen.

A space to enjoy life without leaving the house. The particular layout and the visual warmth that this kitchen conveys are its main hallmarks. Having the kitchen open to the living room encourages the relationship between the people living together. The common spaces invite us to be closer to each other. Even if we are carrying out different tasks in the different spaces, the open concept will favour our communication and interaction.

An open kitchen designed for you.

The handle-free kitchen design allows a homogeneous composition to be achieved, providing a great visual impact to the final result. The absence of handles brings order, balance and cleanliness to the kitchen.

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PR19 is a design and development concept that has among its objectives to meet the most demanding market demands, providing elegance, design and quality in its solutions. It manintains as a common denominator the combination of aesthetics and functionality throughout its conceptual development.

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