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Decoration ideas for your white kitchen

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  • 14/01/2024
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    If you think white kitchens are cold, it's because you haven't yet read our article in which we reveal the tricks to make them warm and cosy tricks to give them warmth. And if you think they are boring and all the same, you definitely need to read the article you have in front of you.

    White kitchens are the most popular because of their timeless and minimalist character, but also because they work as a background canvas on which we can show our personality.

    If you don't believe it, read on! And repeat with us: not all white kitchens are the same


    Colour and warmth with accessories

    Let's start with a tip that is as simple as it is effective: add a touch of colour through kitchen accessories. Colourful cloths, original kitchenware, avoiding black or steel utensils?

    These small and useful elements can bring a touch of joy and texture to even the most minimalist kitchen. In the example above, they have even included a rug to bring extra warmth to the whole.



    An organic touch

    the best ally of white kitchen furniture? Wood, always wood! Any shade, whether in furniture, worktops or accessories, will combine with the white, bringing organicity and a natural look to the room.

    In this sense, utensils or elements in other natural materials, such as raffia or cork, also work very well, as well as the inclusion of a decorative plant.



    Contemporary tones

    do you like the idea of including wood in your white kitchen but are afraid of going too rustic? Take note of these ideas.

    We can "tone down" the traditional ambience by including matt black pieces, such as the lamps in the photo, which add solidity and a contemporary feel. Make sure you also go for smooth, grain-free surfaces for the worktops. This will make the look lighter and more minimalist, neutralising the presence of the wooden elements.



    Colourful ceramics

    Wall cladding can make all the difference in a kitchen. For example, the herringbone tiles in the picture above. They bring freshness, warmth and a casual tone to the whole. We simply love the combination with the golden handles.

    If you want more ideas, you can get inspired by these tiles for your kitchen.



    Decorative pieces

    who said that only functional elements fit in a kitchen? Nothing could be further from the truth! Decorative pieces are also for our favourite room.

    They can also be very useful for those kitchens open to the living room, facilitating the visual transition between the styles of both areas. Dare and choose from paintings, vases, ceramics... your imagination is the limit! As long as they don't hinder your cooking, of course.



    Marble trend

    Marble (or any of the innovative materials that emulate its appearance) is a trend in kitchens. The pattern of its grain is unique in giving character and depth, especially when combined with white furniture.

    And it goes perfectly with almost any style. For proof, just take a look at the examples we bring you. On the left, a classic and warm kitchen. On the right, a contemporary and simple one.



    Breaking the uniformity

    If you are looking to keep the minimalist spirit but you are bored by so much uniformity, your key piece is the handles.

    You can opt for pieces with more presence or simply install handles in profile. They just need to be in a different colour to white to create contrast and depth.

    want more ideas on the subject? Here you have the handles you can choose from in our furniture.

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