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Get some inspiration for your kitchen tiles

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  • 24/09/2023
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    Although we are usually more focused on furniture and workspaces, we are aware that wall coverings are an indispensable feature of any kitchen. In fact, it can be one of its defining features.

    In this article we want to focus on the classic among classics: the tile. This ceramic artwork has been key throughout the history of kitchen interior design.

    While it is now a trend to use the same material for the back splash and the work surfaces, tiles have never completely left our favourite room in the house. And it’s no surprise. It’s a super-resistant material, great durability and no specific maintenance treatment needed (practically none). What more could you ask for?

    Well, aesthetic masterpieces. And there’s a tile for everyone. The variety of designs is immense. Stick around to find out which ones are the most popular.



    Subway Tile

    We can say with absolute certainty that the subway tile is a timeless classic. It is a simple tile design with a glossy finish that works in kitchens and bathrooms and fits with many different designs. The first subway tile was made in New York in 1904 for, you guessed it, the NYC subway system. The concept of subway tile was developed as a way to make the new form of urban travel attractive, brighter, and easy-to-clean.

    The original New York tiles were white, in glossy finish and with an oblique cut on the edges, to give depth effect to the wall. Nowadays you can find them with many different designs: flat, matte, in seasonal colours...

    What is most characteristic of the Subway Tile is the staggered arrangement. They are rectangular tiles laid horizontally with a 50% offset.



    Vertical Tiling

    But... Where would we be in life (and what would be of our kitchens) without a bit of innovation? Well, it’d certainly be more boring.

    That's why you must take note of this trend: vertical subway tiles. They’ve been arranged with the 50% offset but rather than stacking them, they’ve been arranged in the vertical position going parallel to one another. It looks great in a variety of colours.



    Herringbone Pattern

    And we continue to innovate with rectangular tiles (not only with subway tiles, which traditionally measure 7.5×15 cm) with the herringbone pattern.

    This is a great addition as it is a creative touch for your kitchen without taking risks with colour; it stands the test of time very well. Although you could be daring and add a splash of colour. There is no limit to imagination!




    Something similar happens with hexagonal tiles, mixing neutrality with creativity. If you want your kitchen to get a dynamic touch, hexagons are for you.




    Another timeless classic in interior design: the white square tile with a glossy finish.

    It’d be strange if you hadn’t seen this in your parent’s or grandparent’s house. Although this type of tile disappeared and was given a bad rep for many years, it is still very present today. Its simple, neutral, and timeless design is the key to its success.

    In the image, our distributor Muebles Basoko Altzariak gives a twist to this classic by choosing a matte variety with black grouting.

    Note: to get that vintage effect, make sure your tile is no more than 20 x 20 cms.



    Patterned Tiles

    We finish with another retro option: patterned tiles.

    It’s a great way to add personality and dynamism to your kitchen. And there is an infinite number of designs!

    In the image, our distributor Studio Qbico has matched the floor and the wall with the same tiles. What do you think?

    Would you like to see more options? Don’t miss our articles “4 ways to spruce your walls that you’ll love.

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