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Openers to suit any style! These are our handles and profiles

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  • 24/09/2022
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    If you still have doubts about which opening system to choose for your new kitchen cabinets, today we’ll take a detailed look at our different handles and profiles. So, go on, discover your style of opener!



    We begin with one of the most in-demand opening systems right now: the gola system.

    Unlike other opening systems or mechanisms for kitchen cabinets, the gola profile is fitted directly onto the structure of the cabinet instead of on the front. It is a continuous aluminum profile that leaves sufficient space between the body of the cabinet and the doors.

    One great advantage of choosing gola instead of other options is its cleanliness. And we all know that it is easier to clean something if you never get it dirty in the first place. So, cabinets fitted with the gola system are not just much easier to clean due to the lack of obstacles such as handles, knobs or profiles, they also get less dirty, because you can open the door without having to touch the front.

    The incorporation of the gola system creates a very minimalist look, so it is a great option for those who want a modern, industrial or Nordic style for the decoration of their kitchen. Its clean lines are also appropriate for small, narrow and/or long kitchens.

    In addition, the gola system offers different finishes, from aluminum to matte lacquer, as well as gold. The design possibilities are extraordinary!

    In our catalogue, we offer two types of golas. First of all, the L-shaped gola profile, ideal for any model of door with straight top edges, as we design the furniture with a recess at the top so you can put your hand in and open the door. And, secondly, the flat gola profile, specially-designed for our Grado models, whose doors have a 35º chamfer to serve as a handle at top-rear.


    Handle strips

    Handle strips are a great option for designs of simple, clean appearance. They are placed on the top of the door and are semi-concealed, creating an uncluttered look. Another characteristic of these handles is that they run along the entire length of the edge, ensuring smooth, uniform opening.

    Our catalogue includes the Perfil 5 handle, designed with straight lines which provide overall symmetry, and the Perfil 4 handle, with a curved design which sticks out more in the central part of the edge and is hidden at the sides, creating greater visual dynamism.

    In addition, we also have the J-shaped Perfil 2, which creates a gola effect and performs the same function as handle strips or direct handles, but with more design options as they are available in stainless steel or black finish.


    Direct handles

    Direct handles are those which are integrated into the doors of the kitchen units by means of a recess which we create directly in our factory. Therefore, they have the same finish and material as the door. For that reason, we particularly recommend them for those kitchen projects which seek to create a clean, uniform look.


    Bar and bow handles

    Bar and bow handles never go out of fashion, because the variety of designs is almost infinite. On many occasions, these small elements determine the final style of the kitchen. Just think about how a white kitchen could become vintage, rustic or industrial.

    In addition, it is a convenient opening system which is easy to install, as it can be fitted onto any type of door, whatever its finish.



    Embedded handles

    We end with one of our favorites: embedded handles. As its name indicates, a recess is made in the door itself and it is placed in that, with the possibility of many different combinations of colors and designs.

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