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White or coloured kitchens? Pros and cons

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  • 16/07/2023
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    You’ve likely already seen a bunch of our catalogues if you’ve already started designing your kitchen. And with so many different options for finishes, it’s also more than likely that you’re asking yourself: do I want a white or a coloured kitchen?

    We completely understand. It’s absolutely normal to have a preconceived notion of what you’re looking for, but then you start looking around and you fall in love with a new idea, and now you’re not sure what to do. And since the best way to make a decision is to go over the pros and cons, here’s the list of the main things you should look out for when choosing what colour scheme you want for your kitchen.


    The pros of white kitchens

    Despite recent trends, some people still prefer white kitchens. And that comes as no surprise to use, because they honestly have plenty of advantages over other colours.

    To start, they’re very bright, reflecting almost all the light that comes into the space, particularly kitchens with a gloss finish. This is why white is the recommended colour of choice for kitchens with limited natural light during the day. If your kitchen is not only a bit dark, but also small, don’t think twice: white is the main colour you should choose.

    This colour has very little visual impact, which is an essential feature in a room that requires a lot of furniture for storing food and utensils. White will help create a sense of spaciousness, especially if you also use it on the walls (which will almost “camouflage” your furniture).

    Plus, white kitchens are more versatile, matching flawlessly with any other colour, material and finish; they’re also a great choice for creating practically any style (rustic, minimalist, classic and more). And it’s hard to get tired of this white, so it will stand the test of time.


    The cons of using white kitchen furniture

    However, white kitchens can be quite impersonal and even boring if they aren’t balanced out by a well-defined aesthetic taste or well-honed decorating skills.

    To keep them from feeling cold, we recommend reading our article on tricks to bring warmth to your white kitchen.



    In defence of coloured kitchens

    Our first argument in favour of coloured kitchens is... to each their own! Some people think that a kitchen that isn’t white is synonymous with an explosion of colour, even garishness. And nothing could be further from the truth.

    There is a wide range of neutral colours (beiges, greys, browns, creams) that are just as timeless as white. In bright kitchens, these colours are a safe bet for creating a cosier feel. Along the same lines, these colours (plus black) are also very useful when it comes to creating almost any style of interior design.

    Not only that, but coloured kitchens are also a great choice if you want to reflect your unique personality in the space. Every colour has its own meaning and creates unique moods, so harness their power! 

    Plus, coloured kitchens are much more wear-resistant than white ones, especially if you use matte finishes.


    The cons of coloured kitchens

    On the downside, we recognise that colour is always a riskier choice and mistakes can be made; coloured kitchens are also harder to mix and match with other materials. Luckily, you’ll always have our distributors ready to give you all the advice you need. Let them help!


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