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Tricks to bring warmth to your white kitchen

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  • 12/03/2023
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    White is one of the most used colours for kitchen units. No wonder: it’s illuminating, visually extends the space, give the sensation of cleanliness, tranquillity, it’s versatile, goes with everything... need we go on?

    However, some people are concerned that, by choosing a white kitchen, it may  become an impersonal space, cold and unwelcoming. For this reason, in today’s article we want to give you some tricks to bring warmth to your white kitchen with photos of real projects from OB Cocinas distributers. Take note!



    Natural worksurfaces

    Consider this: if in the design of our white kitchen we make space for elements made from natural materials (or finished in natural materials); we will add warmth.

    A good place to start are the worktops or wall covering above them. The good news is that marble effect finishes could not be more on trend. Its veins, which trace irregular patterns, give it a very organic appearance. More good news: stone finishes are beginning to come into fashion for worktops and wood has never been out of fashion.



    Wood forever!

    Without having to go rustic, wood is always a good option to make the kitchen warmer.

    Leaving worktops aside, you can include this material in small doses, such as wall decorations or parts of chairs; or in a more general way, such as on the floor as seen in the example by our distributor Parquets Blanco

    You can also include some high units or details on these with fronts finished in wood effect to combine them with the white units.



    Play with textures

    Another good idea is to play with textures with the need to abandon the colour white. The contrast between the two will create an impression of depth; detracting from the simplicity of the whole.

    If you are brave enough to make bolder contrasts with materials and colours, such as in the example above in which the roof is left exposed, you can create a greater feeling of warmth.



    Natural fibres

    Elements made in natural fibres such as raffia, bamboo or esparto can be adapted to a wide range of decorative styles (Mediterranean, Nordic, rustic, etc.) creating a homely feeling without fail.

    You can include it in your design in lamps, stools, placemats...



    Plants, flowers, and fruit

    If you want your kitchen to have more life, add a live plant! Its makes sense right? Nothing brings more joy, and that’s why we have written an article to inspire you with our ideas for decorating with plants.

    As well as plants, you can also include bunches of flowers and have your fruit bowl out on display.


    A splash of colour

    You don't need to stick to natural tones to create a cosy ambience. Dare to add a splash of colour to your white kitchen by choosing pieces in bright colours, such as pans, cafetieres, kitchen utensils, gloves, aprons, etc. We’re sure it will make your kitchen a much homier space.

    What did you think of these ideas? Whatever you decide, here are some extra tips to keep your kitchen units as white as on the first day you got them.

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