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Things you don't usually keep in drawers but should!

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  • 04/02/2023
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    You know us by now! One of our obsessions is ensuring you take full advantage of every last centimetre in your kitchen. That's why our lower press units feature fully extractable equipment. This way we optimise the space but also make day-to-day tasks more ergonomically friendly, by offering a full and quick vision of the contents of a unit to avoid uncomfortable postures when retrieving something from the back.

    In other words, we're committed fans of drawers. So today we want to show you a few things you don't usually keep in drawers but should!



    Plates of all sizes, bowls, salad bowls and more. All your dinnerware pieces can fit in drawers!

    No doubt someone will ask, “is it not dangerous to keep plates in a drawer, because they could collide with each other when opening and closing?” The good news is that we’ve already thought about that and have the solution. We’ve designed a plateholder system for every one of our drawer models. 

    For all our drawer models (Elegance, Optimus and Deluxe), the system is based on adjustable rods on a perforated non-slip base to fit any size piece and that can also be used for pots and pans! What’s more, our Elegance model also features a system that adjusts to plates with a diameter of 18.6 y 32.2 centimetres, so you can also store bowls and even serving dishes.



    Recycling bins

    The days of bending over every time you want to put something in the bin are over. Or even worse, having the bins visible in the kitchen.

    All our drawer models include their own recycling accessory. You can store 2 to 5 bins, depending on the width of the module. We have options for 60-120 cm presses where you can store bins of different sizes and capacities, from 6.5 to 14 litres for organic waste, paper and cardboard, plastics and glass. You’ve no excuse not to recycle!



    Spices and oils

    In our article 5 trends to continue into 2023 we told you people are increasingly looking simplicity and visual uniformity in their kitchens. Well, we believe that storing the spices and oils we use every day on the countertop doesn’t fit with that.

    Because they are ingredients we use on a daily basis and should have at hand at all times, we suggest storing them in a drawer near the cooking area. This way, by just opening the drawer, you’re extending your work area and have everything you need at hand.

    And to keep everything in order, we’ve designed spice rack accessories and specific bottle holders for these drawers.




    It's happened to us all. You come back from the shop and when you want to put your shopping away you realise that you already had what you’ve bought. You didn’t realise because it was at the back of the press. Another situation: having to throw food out because you couldn’t see it and it’s past its sell-by date.

    They're two common problems that have a simple solution: installing modules with interior drawers and storage within the foods.

    By just opening the drawer, we can see what food we have at all times, helping to avoid food waste. To facilitate the view, some of our accessories include transparent glass.



    Small appliances

    The variety of small appliances available is almost infinite. There’s one for almost everything you could imagine: kettles, dough mixers, sandwich toasters, hot dog machines, ice cream makers, etc.

    If you’re a collector, but you don’t use them daily, stop cluttering up the countertop! Storing them in the bottom drawer should be an option for you.


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