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5 decoration trends that will continue to be so in 2023

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  • 23/12/2022
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    To round off the year, we would like to take a look at some trends in kitchen decoration that have appeared relatively recently and are here to stay, at least for the year 2023.

    So, if one of your New Year's resolutions is to (finally) renovate your kitchen, don't miss this article.



    Where's the fridge?

    In recent years, a trend that is now a must has been gaining ground: visual uniformity in kitchen units. We are increasingly looking for minimalist aesthetics that help us to combine the kitchen elements and furniture with those of other adjoining rooms, especially in the case of open-plan spaces.

    We don't want anything to interrupt the aesthetic continuity, and that includes electrical appliances. Therefore, it is becoming more and more common to find integrated refrigerators with the same panelling as the kitchen furniture. This is also the case with dishwashers and washing machines.



    Integrated extractor hoods

    As with the above trend, we find that it is becoming more and more common to "hide" kitchen extractor hoods.

    Whereas in the past we deliberately opted for decorative extractor hoods with a prominent profile, with an almost infinite variety of models, designs and finishes on the market, we are now more inclined to choose other more discreet options.

    In particular, we have gone back to integrating extractor hoods into wall units. But we are also looking at innovations such as ceiling-mounted extractor hoods or the almost futuristic telescopic extractor hoods, which appear and disappear from the worktop as if by magic - both very useful options for kitchen islands.



    Goodbye stainless steel

    Let's be honest: it will never be a goodbye, but a see-you-later. But the fact is that in recent years we have seen a gradual disappearance of stainless steel as the main material for many elements in our kitchens.

    Specifically, in taps and sinks, we have seen the colour black becoming more and more popular; a colour that we have also seen taking centre stage in our favourite room, as we told you in our article 3 black kitchens you will love.

    The stainless-steel finish is also becoming less and less common in electrical appliances in general, where we find black or white painted finishes.



    Warmer kitchens

    While minimalist kitchens are still (and will continue to be) very popular in interior design, they now do so with a slight twist.

    By following the path of minimalism, it is very easy to fall into coldness and even a lack of personality. That is why white kitchens (the flagship of this style) are now changing slightly, saying goodbye to glossy and satin finishes and embracing matt finishes in search of a warmer look.

    For the same reason, wood finishes on furniture, worktops, wall and floor coverings are becoming more and more common. The naturalness of this material or its imitations (increasingly realistic) is the perfect tool for creating cosier atmospheres.

    This explains why in 2023, organic colours such as green or terracotta will still be all the rage, and why cool colours such as klein blue are usually combined with wood or natural stone on walls and floors.



    The dining room in the kitchen

    While it used to be very common to find dining rooms integrated into the living room, the trend nowadays is to integrate them into the kitchen in a more informal and contemporary way.

    This is something we quite often see in kitchens that open onto the living room, where the island or peninsula is used for breakfast and snacks and a table is included with enough room for lunches and dinners.

    But there are also solutions to make the space more habitable in small kitchens, with offices and breakfast areas integrated into the furniture.


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