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Kitchen styles: Which one suits your personality? (Second part)

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  • 30/07/2023
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    If you liked the first part of “Kitchen styles: Which one suits your personality?” Don’t skip this part!

    The aim of this article is for us to guess who you are from your kitchen style. But also to give inspiration to those who are designing their kitchens with some handy recommendations.

    If in the previous article we talked about minimalist and rustic kitchens, and in this one we will talk about modern and classic kitchens. Did we get it right? Keep reading to find out!


    Sistema Cuina


    Classic kitchen

    It is very likely that if you have chosen a classic style for your kitchen, you are a person who loves peace and quiet (even if you don't always have it) and simple things in life.

    Yours is a way of life that is orderly, but not predictable! You like adding a dash of salt to life, always leaving room for impromptu plans that shake things up.

    Also, you like things that are well done, that provide stability and that have a certain character. The same thing you like about people, so you take care of both your friends and family and build strong and lasting relationships.

    You like a good look, but you don't let it control your life and certainly not in your home! You’re looking for a kitchen that is functional and simple, but with that "je ne sais quoi" that gives it that little extra something, something that is neutral but timeless, but with a splash of creativity.

    You want your kitchen to be a blank canvas that leaves room for different flavours and stories every time.

    If you see yourself in this description, we recommend a white kitchen with a matte finish with some ornamental details on the doors in which allowing room for creativity, such as our Lagos model. 

    Off-white, cream, or cloud grey can be a great choice to add character to your kitchen without being too much.

    The good thing about this style is that it goes with virtually everything.  By changing some decorative elements or furniture (such as textiles or dining chairs), you will be able to give it a different look over years without getting tired of it.



    Colourful and Modern Kitchen

    From one extreme to another. We are talking about modern kitchens with current colour trends: blues, greens, terracotta...

    People with these kitchens quite often are dynamic, daring, and uncomplicated person. You are someone who likes to take charge of your life as much as you like to let life decide for you and let yourself go.

    You show your personality and creativity in every little gesture of your daily life, from how you dress to the food you eat.

    You also like to take care of your old friends, but you also want to be open to new people, new trips, new experiences. It's something you do whenever you can, and you really want your home to reflect this vibrant spirit....

    You’ll design a colourful kitchen that is up to date with the latest trends in interior design. We are sure you loved our suggestions Fenix blue, in which we combine colour and warmth with the urban spirit, or Vitoria green, which combines the freshness of green with a woody calm. We can create very different sensations and atmospheres with colour. You just have to find yours!

    If you see yourself in our description and you are designing your new kitchen, we recommend you to read   Three ways to fill your kitchen with colour. Surely this will serve as an inspiration!

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