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Three combos to fill your kitchen with colour

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Seeing that you liked our “Three combos that will add a sense of calm to your kitchen” post, today we’re bringing back the format but giving it a twist. 

Are you one of them? Then don’t miss these three colour combos designed to fill your kitchen with colour. Let’s go!



Bright green

We’re kicking things off with what is practically a classic for us: our Vitoria laminate model in green. This colour was a big hit last season and is still more vibrant than ever.

And we’re honestly not at all surprised. This colour transmits equal parts freshness, naturalness, vitality and calmness. We suggest it as a starting point for that blank canvas that is your new kitchen, using it in the base units.

For the wall units, we carry this idea of relaxation and organicity forward, reinforcing it with our Amazonas model, a low-pressure laminate with a faux oak finish.

This model also goes perfectly with the worktop that we’re recommending to you today:  the Dekton Valterra model by Cosentino, a flawless imitation of the grain patterns of the most natural wood.

To add a touch of robustness and stability to the overall look, we opted to include black recessed handles in the base units (our A-157 model).



Terracotta trend

We already talked about it in our Kitchen colours: 2022 trends article: terracotta colours were making their way into interior design then and are now an institution.

These are colours that radiate energy and happiness, while also connecting with a sense of warmth and hominess. If you’re looking for a kitchen that transmits vitality on a daily basis, then this is the combo for you.

In our proposal we’ve included terracotta in the base units through our Berlin stratified model, as well as for the worktop (albeit in a slightly lighter tone).

We’ve once again opted for the Cosentino worktop, specifically for the Dekton Umber model; a warm, embossed design created for spaces with personality (like your next kitchen).

To lighten the visual weight of the design, we think that the best option for the wall units would be our Frida model, a laminate with a light faux wood finish.

And to top it all off, black handles in our A-159 model.

What do you think?



Elegant and blue

For our last proposal we’re going to draw from our biggest innovation from last year: the Fénix Blue kitchen. We’re looking for organic to meet sophistication in this combo. How? We’ll explain!

We start with the colour choice for the base units. It is a deep, dark blue, which transmits a sense of calm and stability. The perfect framework for letting your imagination run wild.

And this is what we’ve done by adding the Silestone Ethereal Dusk worktop with a white marble effect. Its veins have a certain bluish tone that matches perfectly with the furniture and provides a natural feel that we have enhanced with the Amazonas model for the wall units.

We added a touch of exclusivity with the faux gold Gola handles.

What do you think of how it turned out?


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