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Breakfast bar: the piece of furniture you need for your kitchen

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  • 28/01/2024
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    They are practical, comfortable and help us to keep order in the kitchen. We are talking about breakfast units, an element that is gaining more and more followers.

    And no wonder. As their name suggests, breakfast units are designed to keep the utensils and small appliances involved in preparing breakfast close at hand: toasters, coffee machines, coffee capsules, cereals, cups, teaspoons... With everything in one place and without the need to return these items to different places, we save effort and time, two concepts that are not usually abundant in our busy mornings.

    If you still don't know how to include this space in your kitchen, read on, we bring you a handful of good ideas to make your mornings easier.



    Seen and unseen

    do you remember our design proposal for our Vitoria model in green? In it we incorporated an exclusive breakfast unit with retractable doors.

    When closed, it looked like just another piece of furniture, but once opened we found a large work space, with shelves at eye level and practical drawers in the lower part to keep it well organised.


    Casa Design Portugal


    Warm interior

    Our proposal was taken up, among others, by our distributor Casa Design Portugal. In this white kitchen he integrated a breakfast bar with the same layout as ours.

    When opened, it reveals the wood-effect structure creating a cosy atmosphere that we love.

    Our distributor completed the design with a very useful open unit to make the most of the storage space.



    Light it up!

    why turn on the lights in the whole kitchen if you're only going to use the breakfast bar? If you are one of those people who get up before the sun rises (or who make nocturnal trips to the kitchen), you will like this idea: integrating an automatic or pulsating lighting system inside the unit.

    If you want more ideas, don't miss our article The art of kitchen lighting.




    Breakfast - dining room

    If your kitchen doesn't have enough square metres but you don't want to give up breakfast in it, take note of this idea from our distributor Antares: an open breakfast bar with a pull-out tray. With just a simple gesture, we change from a kitchen unit to a table which, together with a couple of folding stools, will create the necessary space to enjoy a good breakfast.


    CDC Interiorismo (izquierda) y Sistema Cuina (derecha)


    Mini breakfast bar

    We continue with ideas for small kitchens. In this case, from our distributor CDC Interiorismo. This project, which you can see in the image on the left, reminds us that the main objective of the breakfast bar is to have everything related to this meal at hand and in the same place, and you don't need too much space for that!

    Here our distributor has left an open unit at the height of the work surface in which to store the coffee machine and the toaster, which, although visible, do not generate visual noise. This unit is strategically located next to the microwave, one of the great allies in the preparation of breakfast.

    In the image on the right we see a similar idea from our distributor Sistema Cuina Barcelona, only in this case the layout and size of the kitchen allowed for more storage underneath.


    NM Cuines


    Breakfast and peninsula

    In this project, our distributor NM Cuines has created a kitchen in parallel through the inclusion of a peninsula with lower storage and a bar area where you can sit down to eat.

    Experts in making the most of the space, they have incorporated an open unit in which to arrange everything necessary for breakfast, giving the peninsula a third function: that of serving as a breakfast bar.


    Sistema Cuina


    breakfast room or wine cellar?

    So far we have seen examples of furniture intended for breakfast, but... what if we give it another use?

    In this kitchen designed by Sistema Cuina Barcelona, they have given a double use to this breakfast bar with a shutter closure. If we open the shutter halfway, we find the breakfast utensils, but if we open it all the way, we discover some glasses... perfectly placed on top of the wine cabinet!


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