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Your kitchen, a safe space

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  • 12/06/2022
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    It is said that the majority of domestic accidents occur in the kitchen: burns, cuts, slips, electric shocks, bangs... Stay calm! Before declaring this room a danger zone, we suggest you take a look at our tips to make your kitchen a safe space.

    Photo: Vicente Polo

    Goodbye slips!

    Choosing an appropriate floor for your kitchen can be a challenge. Not only do we have to choose one which we like and that stands up well to dirt, but it is also important to choose non-slip materials that are resistant to water or other spilled liquids.

    Special attention should be paid to the rugs that many people lay down in areas prone to water spillage. Choose wisely! To avoid slips, consider vinyl rugs (which are also very fashionable at the moment)

    The perfect layout

    To make good use of it, every space requires a different kitchen layout. However, it is very important to have separate areas to avoid accidents related to water and electricity (they do not get on well together!). Above all, it is essential to have the maximum separation possible between the areas for cooking and areas with water, and of course, never to have sockets near a tap.

    Mind the door!

    If you don't want to have to warn anybody about this ever again, remember these terms:

    • Retractable doors: these are concealed down the sides of the furniture when they are open, saving space and avoiding possible collisions. They are often used in high cupboards.
    • Slide: this is our opening system in which doors slide on an aluminium track, leaving you space to move freely around the kitchen
    • Flip up: perfect for high up units. Cupboard doors open upwards, so... no more banged heads!

    Balance is possible

    It’s happened to us all: you go to get something from a shelf, the load becomes unbalanced and... disaster, everything on the floor in a mess! To avoid these situations, we have designed a simple and useful solution: the Spring anti-tip bracket system. Because the little details are the important ones.

    Stay sharp!

    Cuts from knives and other sharp objects are one of the most common accidents in the kitchen. We can’t look after you while you are using a knife (that’s on you), but we can when you are looking for one to use.

    How? Very simple, with storage accessories specifically for storing knives in drawers. In addition to this, all our units have drawers which can be fully pulled out, meaning you can see right to the back of them and don’t have to go blindly fumbling for cutlery or other utensils. Safe and convenient!

    Everything in its place

    Let's continue with storage accessories: for plates, cutlery, pans, food, bottles, rubbish bins, cleaning products... and it is essential to keep the latter far away from both the food and the utensils we are going to need to prepare meals, to avoid potential poisonings.

    Protect your back

    We don’t notice, but throughout the day we adopt postures and make gestures which, over time, can cause injury to our muscles, in particular those in our backs. For this reason, we have designed a series of solutions to improve the ergonomics of our furniture and help you with your posture.

    Just one example of this is the removable equipment in low units, which is essential to avoid injuries (and, incidentally, makes good use of space).

    Photo: NM Cuines

    Don't forget the importance of lighting!

    Nowadays there are many lighting options for the kitchen and, of course, having a single light source in the kitchen is a thing of the past. Now we can build low energy lights into cupboards and drawers. And, even better, they can be automatically activated. Very useful to ensure that those late-night trips to the pantry do not pose any risk.

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