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Wood, sure, just not rustic, please

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  • 08/04/2023
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    In this article we would like to promote using wooden kitchen furniture (or wood finish). This kind of furniture is usually associated with classic or rustic styles and are often disregarded for being “old fashioned”.

    Far from it! We are seeing more and more wood in modern, contemporary-inspired and even industrial designs. Let us show you some examples of projects carried out by some of our distributors along with advice on how to integrate wood into your kitchen without losing an ounce of modernity. Let’s get started!


    Combine with white

    Let’s start with a contemporary classic: combining white furniture with wooden furniture.

    As we mentioned in our recent article “Tricks to bring warmth to your white kitchen”, this is one of the winning combinations to bring a sense of cleanliness and order as well as making it a welcoming space.

    A good example is the picture at the start of this article from a project by our distributor LG Agencement, which included many of the keys that we will describe below.



    Floor to ceiling cabinets

    If you are looking to make a statement with your kitchen, just add a floor to ceiling wood finish cabinet in the design. From a decorative perspective, it helps to create a warm atmosphere, and from a functional perspective, it provides extra storage space – an essential for most kitchens.

    It can also be very useful when integrating appliances or a breakfast bar, like in the example of Ziako Interiorismo.



    Kiss goodbye to the details

    If you want to avoid the classic or rustic look when integrating wooden cabinets into your kitchen, you need to remove all superfluous decorative elements.

    Antares’ black and wood project is a good example of this: we removed all handles, moulding and other ornaments from the fronts and doors. This minimalism was taken to the extreme by doing something that is all the rage at the moment: integrating the extractor hood into the upper kitchen units.



    Colour blocking

    There’s more to life than black and white. Wood blends with pretty much any colour, giving the space a touch of nature.

    In this LG Agencement project, our distributor played with blue colour modules (which are still in fashion this year) and wooden effect countertops and shelves.

    They have removed all ornaments from the cabinets, drawing more attention to the fun floor they chose.

    Tip: If you are looking for extra warmth, we recommend that you opt for a matte finish.



    Dark wood and modern lines

    Another way to move away from this classic look is to think about the shade of the wood. If like in this example from our distributor Nivel 2 Muebles, you opt for darker tones, you can create a contemporary, urban look in your kitchen.

    In this project, the secret lies in the uniformity of the ensemble and the way the vertical lines play against the horizontal grain of the wood.

    The combination of white and stainless-steel elements in the countertops, the stools around the island and appliances also add to the modern feel.



    Just a touch

    If you want to get a taste of wood without making it the main feature in your kitchen, you can try just adding a few simple touches. You can add it into the design with some closed modules or, like in the example from Sistema Cuina Barcelona, open modules and shelves to lighten the visual weight of the ensemble, particularly in kitchens with floor to ceiling units all in one colour.


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