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Which layout is best for your kitchen?

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  • 21/01/2024
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    Although at first glance it may seem easy, planning the layout of a kitchen is an art in itself. In order to find the most suitable solution for each case, different factors must be taken into account: the entry of natural light, the layout of doors and other architectural elements such as columns, the recommended safety distance between appliances and water areas... all while trying to optimise storage and work space while respecting functionality.

    If you are in the process of designing your new kitchen, we advise you to get advice from one of our distributors, who will study the different possibilities to offer you the best options. But in the meantime, we give you some advice on the most appropriate layout for your kitchen depending on the characteristics of the available space.


    If your kitchen is closed and narrow

    In small, narrow spaces, the only possible layout in many cases is the linear one, in which the furniture is arranged along a single wall.

    In these cases, we are free to arrange the furniture and electrical appliances in the way that most interests us from a functional and aesthetic point of view. The only thing to bear in mind is that the water and cooking areas should be as far apart as possible to avoid accidents (a minimum of 60 cm).

    If the available space allows it, you can complete the set by adding a narrow bar on the opposite wall or shallow open shelves.


    Muebles Avenida


    For a kitchen in a small open space

    If you have the possibility, consider opening up the kitchen to the living room. If you dare, you can keep the linear layout, especially if the resulting space is not very large.

    Aesthetics are of great importance here, so that both areas coexist in visual harmony. A simple idea in this case is to make the kitchen neutral and not to integrate too many striking elements.


    Rivas Sánchez Carpinteros


    If you have a square space

    does your kitchen have a square floor plan? Whether it is an open or closed concept, we recommend that you opt for a u-shaped layout.

    In this type of layout, the furniture and the different elements are arranged along three walls in the shape of a u-shape.

    Its main advantage is that you can clearly differentiate the cooking, water and storage areas and move freely between them. If the space is large enough, we can complete it by including an island in the centre for eating or increasing the storage capacity.


    Sistema Cuina


    For large open concept kitchens

    If you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen that is open to the living room, a world of possibilities opens up. A plan that works very well in these cases is the parallel layout, replacing one of the fronts with a kitchen island or a peninsula.

    These elements are perfect for generating a functional and visual transition to the other area of the room, especially if we use it as a dining table.


    Rivas Sánchez Carpinteros


    If you need to optimise space

    The L-shaped layout is one of the most versatile and best ways to optimise space, especially storage space. It doesn't matter if your kitchen is small or large, open or closed or with any architectural obstacle, L-shaped kitchens adapt to almost any situation!

    We can delimit the work areas for a greater fluidity of movement between them and make our day-to-day life easier.

    do you have space to spare? Take advantage of the central space to place an island or dining table.


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