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What to consider when choosing a worktop

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  • 25/04/2022
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    The worktop is perhaps a kitchen’s most important feature. Firstly, its appearance has a big effect on the whole aesthetic of the kitchen. What's more, the material it is made from also affects its durability.

    Due to this, and much more, we want to give you some tips so you can choose your worktop and enjoy the kitchen you have always wanted.

    A worktop for life

    As we have already said, some worktop materials are stronger than others. Of course, price is a determining factor in durability. However, fortunately there are materials that are extremely strong and suited to every pocket

    Photo: Pexels.com

    This is the case with marble and granite. Both have been the main choice in any kitchen for a long time. This is hardly unusual if we consider that, as they are natural stones, they are extremely strong and fit in with almost any style of kitchen.

    Photo: Pexels.com

    On the other hand, compact synthetic materials composed of quartz and resin such as Silestone or Compac, are popular in the most recent kitchen projects. In their brochures there are hundreds of colours and finishes. Their weakness? Although they are hardwearing, they do not tolerate heat well and also scratch more easily. However, their design options and solidity make them an option to bear in mind.

    Photo: Pexels.com

    If you are looking for an all-purpose, hardwearing and highly heat resistant worksurface, take a look at one made of porcelain, such as Dekton or Neolith. Although their price is rather high, the investment could be worth it.

    On the other hand, if cooking is not your thing and you are one of those who only stop by the kitchen to prepare a light dinner, you can consider cheaper options such as laminate worktops which also offer a wide variety of designs.

    As a piece of general advice and in conclusion, it is always best to make a slightly higher initial investment, so as to guarantee that your kitchen will last for many years, or even decades!

    The worktop, always spotless

    Worktop maintenance is especially important in a kitchen. It is the surface used for preparing food and keeping it clean and in a good state shouldn’t be an arduous task. Once again, the choice will depend on how much time you spend cooking (and of course your budget).

    Stainless steel worktops are quite solid and extremely easy to keep clean and maintain. This is why they are used in professional kitchens. If you want to give your kitchen an industrial air, they are an ideal choice.

    Photo: Pexels.com

    On the other hand, solid wood worktops, although beautiful and extremely strong, require special care and periodical varnishing to protect them from moisture.

    In line with your style

    It is key that you try to harmonise the style of your kitchen, furniture, walls, floors, and decoration with that of the worktop. And, as you know, the material of the worktop determines (in a big way) the final aesthetic of the project.

    Does a classic style suit you better? There is nothing like wooden or natural stone worktops. However, you mustn’t lose sight of the latest trends in kitchen design. One of these trends is marble finishes of porcelain worktops such as Dekton or Neolith. Whether in white or black with a grain, when combined with contemporary features and furniture the result is impressively sophisticated.

    Photo: Unsplash.com

    If minimalism is more up your street, worktops made from synthetic materials will be your first choice. You can avoid joins and even integrate the sink into the worktop. Doesn’t that seem like a great idea?

    Fortunately, our kitchens are designed with all types of projects and styles in mind. Take a look at our catalogue!

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