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Three kitchens with an island that you’ll love.

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  • 20/08/2023
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    Looking for a kitchen with an island? You've come to the right place. We present to you three projects made by OB Cocinas distributors with very different styles, but with something in common: a central island feature.

    Nivel 2 Muebles


    Minimalist, but welcoming.

    We can describe in a few words our distributor’s project Nivel 2 Muebles from Extremadura.

    We wanted to make the most of the light that enters through the large windows in this kitchen. And to help add brightness, nothing better than going for white furnishings. We have used our Calpe lacquered model with a matte finish that stands out even more thanks to the classic handles with others integrated directly into the doors.

    The result? A clean and tidy kitchen in an open space, but not lacking in personality. The work surfaces provide a cosy touch, made from Cosentino's Dekton Entzo model, which is inspired by Calacatta marble for a natural touch to any kitchen.

    It is used across the work surfaces and the island, which dominates the space. An island is a freestanding cabinet perfect for extra storage, as a work surface and as a dining area. The wooden and natural-fibre stools complete this set to create something we just absolutely love.


    Sistema Cuina


    An island for separating concepts

    We continue with Sistema Cuina’s project, who is our Barcelona distributor and has shown to be a master in design in recent months.  They have a real edge for black kitchens (which are very fashionable now).

    Specifically, this project is a clear example of how a black kitchen can be warm and cosy. It works perfectly with the impressive exposed Catalan vault that dominates the room.

    The kitchen fits with the open concept plan perfectly thanks to the furniture’s organic finish with black wood effect and with the terrazzo-inspired work surface (a marvel of the Neolith house).

    The island here splits up the space from the laundry area and creates the perfect passage between the kitchen and the dining and living areas.

    The combination of materials for the rest of the kitchen is maintained, but under it the transition to the rest of the room begins. At the base the paving changes, both of similar tones but of different materials.

    The stools for the island bar also bring the whole room together.


    NM Cuines


    Rustic Modern

    We ‘ll finish with our distributor in Solsona NM Cuines. In the photographs, you can see the space is dominated by rustic materials, such as the exposed stone wall and the wooden structural beams for the ceiling.

    In such a strong space, the kitchen elements had to be simpler to lighten the atmosphere. And that’s how our friends from NM Cuines did it. Both the furniture and the work surfaces are minimalist: light and similar tones, integrated handles, panelled appliances...

    Only two details "break" the visual monotony: a wood effect profile on the lower part of the furniture and on the upper part of the base units; and the wooden overhang that turns the island into a dining space.

    In the search for simplicity, we must cut right back on the components. Do you know what we're referring to? Look at the island. Is it missing something? You were right. Our distributor used the island to create a cooking space, but they didn’t want to hood to be an eye sore. To solve this, they went for an induction cooktop with an integrated surface hood, which works by recirculation extraction.

    The result is a rustic kitchen with a very modern look and latest features. What do you think?


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