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Three styles, three drawer fronts

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Tell me what style you’re looking for in your kitchen and I’ll tell you which drawer fronts you need. Choosing cabinet doors and drawer fronts can be a tough decision for many people. They are a kitchen’s main aesthetic element, the first thing people see, and create the main atmosphere people feel when they walk into the space.

Not only that, but despite being an omnipresent element in the kitchen, they go completely unnoticed when done right, leaving people simply with an overall feel about the space. That’s why, when it comes to choosing this part of the kitchen, it’s important to sift back through your memory to try and remember the cabinet doors and drawer fronts that you’ve seen and liked before (you know, the ones at your friend’s house, the ones you saw in a magazine, the ones you have saved on Pinterest, etc.).

To help with the process, today we want you to think about the style you’re looking for and we’ll recommend which fronts to choose.



Minimalist and spacious

Let’s start with the “easy” one, the most popular choice overall and the solution for anyone looking for an ultra-simple, no-frills neutral style; something that looks good, of course, but is also functional and super-efficient when it comes to tidying up and cleaning.

Any ideas? Yes, we’re talking about laminate fronts with a smooth surface and no handles. These lend a sense of continuity between all the units in your kitchen, providing the aesthetic coherence needed to create a feeling of visual spaciousness.

This type of front is widely used in white kitchens for a minimalist, Nordic style, but are also used in monochromatic kitchens in other colours, like we discussed in our KITCHEN COLOURS: 2022 TRENDS blog post.

Some good examples of this type are our Berlin, Fénix and Vitoria models, but we have more than 40 laminate models for you to choose from!



Classic style

Are you looking for a timeless kitchen with a strong presence and a touch of elegance? Then let’s face it: classic style is for you. 

What’s more, we’ve got some good news for you: creating this style is super easy if you decide to use drawer fronts and cupboards with mouldings. We’ve seen this element in kitchens all our lives and compared to plain fronts, mouldings provide that extra dose of personality. 

Our Liverpool, Lille and Londres lacquered models are fantastic options for achieving this look, particularly in light colours like off-white and different shades of grey. The range of choices is actually the big advantage of lacquered fronts: we have 35 base colours, but we can apply almost any colour from the R.A.L. range.

From the simplicity of small round knobs on the moulding to the vintage feel of oval or simply gold or brass handles, hardware puts the finishing touch on whatever model you choose.



Modern warmth

If you want your kitchen to feel like the warmest and cosiest place in the world, you should definitely opt for wooden fronts.

This material is often associated with traditional or even rustic styles. However, the wide variety of models helps to create an infinite number of contemporary and modern looks but with an extra touch of organicity and warmth.

A good idea is to combine oak or walnut fronts (such as our Dakar and Padova models) with profile handles that are placed on the edge of doors and drawers; they’re visible, but they don’t take away from the look of the fronts. You can even take this eclecticism a bit further by alternating wooden fronts with other matte finishes in black or white.

Want to know more about our fronts? Ask any of our distributors, who can help you decide which one works best for you. You can find your closest distributor here.

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