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Things you shouldn't keep in the kitchen

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  • 24/03/2024
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    Do you lack space in your kitchen and also have a tendency to clutter? Bad combination, of course, but don't worry, we've come to the rescue!

    In this article we bring you a list of things you shouldn't keep in the kitchen if you want to easily maintain order and, incidentally, your mental health.

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    Tableware for special occasions

    don't you feel sorry to see your favourite crockery a couple of times a year? You can give it the place of honour it deserves by keeping it in a display cabinet... far away from the kitchen!

    Well, not so far away, in the living room or dining room. In fact, here are some tips: if you live in a house with an open concept, you can use your crockery displayed in a piece of furniture made of the same material as those in the kitchen as a backbone or transition element with the rest of the spaces.

    In this way, not only will you give it prominence by integrating it into the decoration of your home, but you will also save storage space in the kitchen for other things that you do use on a daily basis.


    Appliances or utensils that you hardly ever use

    In this case, we leave aesthetics aside and go back to simply focusing on practicalities.

    are there appliances or other kitchen utensils that you only use on special occasions? For example, the paella pan during the good weather or the large pots and pans when you have a lot of guests for Christmas. If the answer is yes, find a place for them outside the kitchen!

    And if you have no choice, we recommend storing them in less accessible areas, such as on top of tall units or columns or at the back of corner units.



    As much as chemicals and/or cleaning products are usually stored in the kitchen, if you think about it, it's not such a good idea. What is the point of storing turpentine or plunger fluid in the kitchen, for example?

    These products are toxic and, many of them, flammable: storing them in a place where they are used as often as not and where eating is the main activity can be a danger.

    So if you have the option of storing those you don't use regularly in another place, such as a storage room or garage, do so immediately. Reserve for the kitchen those that you really use on a daily basis.

    And, of course, if there are children in the house, make sure you store them in a place that is out of their reach.



    The screwdriver, a classic in the cutlery drawer. If you cracked even half a smile when you read our last sentence, then you have too.

    The truth is that it is surprising how many curious objects we can find in the cutlery drawer: from rubber bands to pens, screws, shopping trolley tokens, coins and even paintbrushes.

    Apart from cluttering up the available storage space, there are certain things that can even pose a risk to our health. Remember, cutlery is used for eating and therefore goes in the mouth. Be very careful what you put next to it.

    Repeat after us: the cutlery drawer is not a storeroom.

    In the case of tools, we can understand that you find it useful to have them close at hand and that a good place for you might be in the kitchen. In that case, we recommend you store them in their own box and keep them in a place where they do not come into contact with food or utensils that you use for cooking or eating, such as the cleaning products cupboard.


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