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Our kitchens: Berlin

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  • 26/06/2022
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    Dynamism. This is perhaps the word which best describes the kitchen model we are going to show you today: Berlín. The first detail in which we can appreciate this dynamism is its combination of plain finishes (one light and one dark) which contrast with the wood effect finish: the perfect look to convey solidity without losing an ounce of modernity.

    But as with almost everything in life, the truly important part of our kitchen Berlin is on the inside. Keep reading to discover all the secrets behind its doors!

    Drawers: Finally organised!

    Just because we have a large kitchen, it doesn’t mean we should stop organising our drawers and cupboards. Organisation is not only useful to optimise the available space, but also to make our daily use of the kitchen safer, easier, and more comfortable.

    For this reason, when designing our Berlin model, we imagined what the perfect drawer would look like... and we made it for you!

    Firstly, we included Elegance drawers and pull-outs, a complete system with maximum performance, and, as its name suggests, an elegant design with two finishes to choose from: Orion grey or stainless steel. This system can support up to 40kg in each drawer, which can also be completely pulled out and are synchronised with integrated damping.

    So we have strong and elegant drawers... now it’s time to tidy them! For organisation, there is nothing better than Ambia Line, an internal organisation system in a minimalist and completely flexible style. You decide on the layout within the drawer or pull out.

    Within our design proposal we have also thought of special units, such as those for the sink. This cupboard has the specific purpose of concealing the sink pipes, and as such we needed a solution to make good use of the space. For this reason, we came up with an internal pull out, which “dodges” or avoids the sink components. To further optimise this module, we have also designed a set of organisational tools to make the daily task of recycling as convenient and easy as possible (without neglecting style, of course!).

    Within reach

    With ergonomics and the flow of your movements through the kitchen in mind, we have designed two storage solutions for our Berlin kitchen that we are sure you will love.

    On the one hand, there is our functional line Mosaiq, a system with an aluminium finish that attaches to the high wall units and on which you can hang, hook and organise the accessories or foodstuffs, such as condiments or oil, that you need to have close at hand in your day-to-day life. It also has a highly practical built in bar light.

    And, on the other hand, there is the movable I-Move shelf. It is designed for the interior of wall cabinets that are particularly high, thus making the most of the vertical space. With a simple gesture, the interior shelving is lowered to an accessible height.

    Big cupboards

    Our Berlin model has a lot of storage space which we wished to complement with large cupboards. To make them really practical, in many of them we have incorporated retractable doors with fully assisted and cushioned exit and return (opening and closing) to guarantee smooth movement and perfect balance.

    In addition, the doors of the large cupboards are reinforced with a tensioner that prevents possible deformations that may occur with use, time or temperature changes

    A solid kitchen

    The Berlin kitchen is part of our PR-19 line, a new concept of kitchen furniture, based on the use of laminated 19mm board, which is thicker that the norm.

    We wanted to increase this solidity with two elements which are imperceptible to the untrained eye. Firstly, with the large capacity Libra concealed hanger, which incorporates an anti-tilt locking system and supports up to 75 kg in weight.

    And secondly, with the Spring system, designed to prevent interior shelves from tipping. The result? A solid, safe and peaceful kitchen.

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