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Ideas to make the most of the space in small kitchens

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  • 27/08/2022
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    Are square meters in short supply in your home? Well, consider these ideas to make the most of the space in small kitchens. You will be surprised at the results!

    How to make the most of the space in your kitchen

    Making the most of the space in your kitchen is easier than you imagine, especially with the wide range of finishes and storage solutions available. Our first piece of advice? Always turn to a professional to plan the design of the kitchen with you. But, to whet your appetite, we offer you a few basic tips.


    Distribute the furniture well

    The distribution of the furniture and appliances will be key in getting the most from your kitchen. In general, the best distribution for small kitchens is linear, because it fits in perfectly with open-plan concepts (if you open up the lounge, you will gain space for movement) or narrow kitchens.

    However, depending on what the room is like, an L-shaped or corner kitchen could give very good results. Take a look at the most common layouts in our “Plan your kitchen” section..

    Muebles Fran


    Extractable cabinet accessories

    Drawers, drawers and more drawer! If they are important in a spacious kitchen, in small kitchens they are absolutely vital. Especially if they can be pulled out entirely, because in that way you will be able to use every last corner to store utensils and other items. In addition, with the different types of drawers and accessories, you can organize the internal space in the best way possible for the objects you are going to keep in them.

    To facilitate the flow of movements while you are working in the kitchen, we recommend sliding or pocket doors for low units (it will save you from more than one knock!), and folding doors for wall cabinets.



    Take advantage of the walls

    You don’t have enough linear meters? Use the height of the wall! Do not be afraid of covering the entire surface with cabinets, even if that means that some will be out of reach.

    On the one hand, you can always use them for things you don’t use very often. And, on the other hand, you can opt for storage solutions like our I-Move movable shelving. Specially-designed for tall modules, it has a structure which, with a simple movement, brings it down to a height that is accessible for most people.

    To visually lighten the weight of the wall cabinets and accessories, we recommend you use light colors for the fronts, or even do without them entirely and instead opt for open cupboards or shelves (which will feel lighter).



    Luminosity and colors

    Finally, we’ll leave you with one trick to make your kitchen seem larger: color! Though traditionally white has been used to bring light into small kitchens and create a sense of space, there are many other options!

    A good example is this one from our distributor Basoko, which opted for green. Too often, we focus on white because it is the simplest option, but remember that other factors also influence the sensation of spaciousness, such as the natural light, the location of the kitchen, the other colors in the space, etc.


    Muebles BASOKO Altzariak

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