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Ideas for decorating your table this Christmas

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  • 10/12/2023
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    one of the most special times of the year is here! Whether we like it or not, the truth is that Christmas is the perfect time to get creative: in menus, gifts... and decoration! It's time to play with colours, patterns and lights to give our home a new look.

    That's why, in this article, we bring you a handful of ideas to decorate your table for Christmas.

    Spoiler: nature is once again making its way onto the table. Combined, of course, with delicate and/or minimalist pieces.

    get some ideas!



    A blank canvas

    not sure where to start or not daring enough to play with colours and patterns? Start with a white background!

    The white (or ecru) tablecloth is a basic that never fails. Especially if you want the decorative elements (candelabras, centrepieces, vases, etc.) to be the real stars of the table.



    Personalised napkin rings (or DIY)

    Even if you use disposable napkins on a day-to-day basis, the occasion is worth bringing out the whole table linen. You can personalise the napkin rings with a Christmas or natural motif; or create them yourself if you don't have any. With simple materials you can create very impressive napkin rings. For example, the one in the image above. All you need is a string and a sprig of rosemary (which will also scent the room).



    A contemporary twist

    If you're afraid that the natural elements and fibres will make the whole look too rustic, add some bold, contemporary pieces; like the matte black crockery or cutlery in the example above (note: it will look great in your black kitchen dining room).



    Christmas tableware

    do you want to add a unique touch to your table and make your tableware unique? Dare and put plates and/or glasses with Christmas (or at least winter) motifs. If you have children at the table, you can give it a naive touch with Father Christmas motifs, reindeer, fir trees... the table is for everyone, after all!



    The colours of Christmas

    The passing of the years have not been able to defeat them: green and red are still the absolute protagonists of Christmas. Although they are integrated in pieces and elements of different designs, adapted to the aesthetics and tastes of each season, they never go out of fashion!



    Pictures and more pictures

    The same goes for plaids, they are a classic for the festive season. Whether vichy or plaid, they continue to give a unique touch to the table on tablecloths, table runners or napkins, and the combinations are almost infinite, adapted to all tastes! For proof, don't miss the photos above. It's the same table, same glasses and candlesticks, same pitcher, identical napkins... but the pictures make the difference!



    Let's shine!

    Speaking of Christmas classics: this year gold is still in style. However, it is being reduced to its minimum expression. You can integrate it in small doses, such as the trimming of crockery or cutlery; accompanied by elements that bring naturalness and a casual air to the table. Don't go overboard with elegance.



    If minimalism is your watchword or you're a bit of a grinchbut you want to add a special touch to your Christmas table, try this: white or cream-coloured tableware and glassware; and include some natural touches, such as a centrepiece of dried cotton branches.


    Rustic minimalist

    Another option, a little more advanced but which conveys simplicity, is to exploit the "minimalist rustic" style. On this occasion, we start with a natural base (untreated wooden tables, tablecloths or table runners in raw wood...) and very simple, which will give an extra warmth. To "tone down" the country spirit, remember to include some more sophisticated details, such as small golden elements.



    A natural touch

    If you want to add a special, natural touch to your table, no matter what style it is, you need to get your hands on some natural fibre underplates. They are a basic item when setting the table, whether for everyday use or for a special occasion.



    Only suitable for classics

    If you are a lover of classics, go for the basics in textiles and add textures through tableware. Ceramic ones with floral motifs never fail to add warmth and depth to the ensemble.



    Fun with napkins

    There are many more ways to put napkins than folding them in a rectangular or triangular shape - dare to add a fun touch with this element! What do you think of the one in the photo above?



    A playful touch

    Why not introduce a "stranger" to the table? Add a touch of colour and excitement with Christmas decorations that we would normally see elsewhere, such as the candy cane decorations pictured.



    A small gift

    do you want to surprise your guests? Leave a little something in the form of a gift at each service. Not only does it fit in with the theme of the lunch or dinner, but it will also make them very happy. Promise.



    going off the beaten track?

    Go for a boho chic inspired table. You'll look different but no one will feel out of place or uncomfortable. Because at the end of the day, the only rule at Christmas is to create a cosy atmosphere in which to enjoy with family and friends.

    what do you think of our ideas?


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