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How to light up a kitchen - Ideas and tips

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  • 11/04/2022
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    Let us shed light on your doubts about kitchen illumination! Lighting in a kitchen plays a key role and often determines the use we give to the space and how we experience it. No matter the layout, size or furniture - good (or bad) lighting influences not only aesthetics, but also functionality

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    So, if you are planning to renovate your kitchen and you have got this far in the search for ideas for its lighting, keep reading!

    How do you use your kitchen?

    You should light your kitchen depending on how you use it. Do you love to cook and spend hours preparing exquisite dishes? Do you eat, work or spend time as a family in the kitchen? The first things to bear in mind are the zones and tone of the lighting.

    The rule is very simple: choose colder white light for work zones, such as worktops, the sink, and cooking areas. And choose warmer yellow lights for leisure areas such as the breakfast bar or kitchen island.

    Photo: Pexels.com

    And if your kitchen is small?

    If you have a small kitchen, lighting is even more important as it can totally change our perception of space. Of course, white furniture helps a lot, as does opening the kitchen up into another room in the house. If you are able to, consider these options, especially if you can take advantage of any source of natural light, such as a window, balcony or terrace.

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    If it is not possible to create an open-plan kitchen, think about installing inset lighting in the ceiling to distribute light uniformly throughout the space and not leave any poorly-lit corners.

    Integrate lighting in kitchen furniture

    If you wish to make completely functional use of the light in your kitchen, you can choose to integrate lights into the furniture. 

    For example, LED strip lights in the lower part of the wall units will make your work much easier, providing you with continuous lighting without big shadow and brightness contrasts. Perfect working conditions. This option does not take anything away from the aesthetics. What's more, this light reaches the rest of the space indirectly, creating a very pleasant atmosphere.

    Photo: Pexels.com

    You could also install a hidden extractor fan. In this way you get rid of a visual obstacle and at the same time create another imperceptible light source for the most important work area.

    Would you like even more functional lighting? You can also install lighting inside your kitchen units. You’ll want to spend all your time in the kitchen!

    Photo: Pexels.com

    Create ambiance using light

    Leaving functionality aside (but never forgetting it), you should consider the different environments of your kitchen. In this way, you will contribute to the creation of unique moments around your kitchen.

    You can use illuminated display cabinets, such as the Bold Display Cabinet by OB Cocinas, thus lightening the visual weight and offering a more welcoming atmosphere.

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    If you have a bar, an island or a dining table in your kitchen, ceiling pendant lights, as well as providing light, add a decorative element that can be a distinguishing detail.

    Photo: Pexels.com

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