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Curtains and blinds in the kitchen: Get inspired!

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  • 19/03/2023
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    There are many reasons why putting up curtains and/or blinds to cover the windows in your kitchen is a good idea, but the main one is that, as if by magic, the space will become much cosier.

    In interior design, textiles are a key piece to bring personality to a space and transmit a sensation of life, of seclusion... in short, of home. And of course, the kitchen is no exception.

    Both curtains and blinds can completely change the atmosphere of your favourite room and are much easier (and cheaper) to change; and by doing so you can bring a new air to your kitchen.

    However... What to choose? Below are some examples to inspire you.



    Curtains in the kitchen

    We love how curtains look, but be careful! Not all curtains are suitable for the kitchen and not all kitchens are the perfect place for curtains. Let us explain.

    Although they do attract us, the truth is that due to their size and format they are not usually the best thing to have in the kitchen, as they may interfere with the daily work we carry out in this space: we might trip over them, dirty them, get them wet and even burn them (and the last thing we want are accidents).

    For these reasons, they only come recommended if:

    • You have a big kitchen and, above all, if it opens into the living room.
    • Windows are floor to ceiling and/or casement windows
    • They are a good distance from work areas.

    If some or all of these requirements are met... Let’s look for the perfect curtains! Remember to choose durable materials, as they will need to be washed more often that the other curtains in your house due to the smells which may remain in the fabric. For this reason, be sure to use curtain poles or rails on which the curtains can be easily hung and taken down.


    Blinds for the kitchen: Make the right choice!

    Blinds are often the more practical and safest option for the kitchen. Among other reasons, because they have less “mobility” than curtains, which move in the slightest breeze.

    However... which to choose? Here are some tips on the blinds which will look best in the kitchen.



    Roman blinds: our favourites

    Roman blinds have the fabric fixed to the rail (normally using Velcro) and they opened and closed using a system of cords, without any rod.

    This mechanism has many advantages:

    • When they are open, they give a much more organic and natural feel, helping to create the homely space we mentioned at the beginning of the article.
    • They can be made from a wide range of fabrics, including light-weight fabrics which allow the light through while making the space more intimate.
    • It is very easy to remove and replace the fabric, perfect for washing!
    • The blinds are among the easiest to make, so your job will be easier (and they will be cheaper) if you want to change the look of your kitchen in the future.


    Roller blinds

    Roller blinds are also a good option for the kitchen.  Their mechanism is based on a tube which turns when a cord or chain is pulled, rolling up the fabric around it.

    In order for the fabric to slide well over the tube, it has to be waxed or treated to have a more or less rigid finish; therefore, the variety of fabrics to choose from is not as wide as in the case of the roman blinds. However, you can now find blinds made from translucent fabrics (the best option for us in a kitchen if you are looking to optimise the natural light)

    Although many of the fabrics cannot be washed, cleaning them is very easy! You can simply wipe them with a damp cloth and warm water. You can also use a neutral detergent and rinse them with a clean cloth.




    Venetian blinds

    Finally, if you don’t want to have textiles in the kitchen, we suggest using venetian blinds. With this system, as well as being able to open and close the blinds, you can also change the position of the slats to adjust the amount of light you want to come into the kitchen.

    They are easy to maintain and to clean them, you can just dust them and use a sponge with a neutral detergent for deeper cleaning.

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