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Common concerns when choosing kitchen units

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  • 13/11/2022
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    We know: choosing kitchen units can be quite a journey. As well as the wide range of designs to choose from there are also different materials, storage solutions, colours... We love kitchens so much we can’t stop innovating!

    But we also want you to get it right, so we have compiled a list of common concerns when choosing kitchen units, along with some recommendations made in OB Cocinas.


    Wood, laminate, or lacquer?

    Let’s begin with the doors. From what material are the units in your kitchen going to be made? We will tell you the main advantages of each one of the most common materials:

    • Wood. It is a durable material, which brings warmth to any area (as well as to the kitchen, of course) and never goes out of fashion. Depending on the type of wood, there is a huge range of tones to choose from to select the one which most suits your style.
    • Lacquers. These are highly durable, easy to finish and the range of colours to choose from is almost infinite.
    • Laminates. There is currently a range of finishes, they are easy to maintain and very affordable.

    Each one of these materials can help you to create a different feel, as we note in our article Three styles, threedrawer fronts.


    Gloss or matte finish?

    A classic question! Once again, we provide you with the features of each option:

    • Gloss. It is a very spectacular finish, eye-catching and very easy to clean, as the surface is waterproof. But it does mark more easily!
    • Matte. Could not be more on trend. It brings neutrality, simplicity and greater elegance. However, as a more porous surface, any stains may be more difficult clean.

    Both offer advantages and disadvantages, so our advice is... Go for the aesthetics!



    Flat panels or fronts with a trim?

    Each of these styles will help you to generate completely different atmospheres.

    • Choose flat panel front if you are going for a minimalist style that is neutral, modern, understated and very functional.
    • Go for fronts with a trim if you would like a kitchen which is more classic, calm, warm and even has a rustic touch.


    With standard or build in handles?

    In the article Open up your style! we give a good overview of the pulls, profiles, gola handles and recessed handles we have available. Take  a look at the advice we offer!


    Drawers or doors?

    A big question! Logically, in the tall units or columns, drawers are ruled out for obvious reasons, but... what about the lower units? What is best? Drawers or doors?

    Here, our advice is for you to think about what you will store in these units.

    Drawers are an extremely useful option to make full use of the space available within the unit and access all its corners thanks to the total extraction systems. In addition, the wide range of storage accessories allows the interior to be configured according to your needs and store everything from dishes to cutlery and from pans to a recycling station.

    However, lower units can also be very handy to store and display glassware, for example, or to take advantage of the space in corner units (including an extractable device specific to this type of unit). We can also add that we have an option which is a combination of the two. We offer a unit that has a door but also drawers inside it. Aesthetically it looks like a door from the outside, but inside it boasts the functionality of a drawer.


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