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Things to take into account when choosing your kitchen floor

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  • 21/08/2022
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    Is it time to renovate and you don’t know how to choose your new kitchen floor? Continue reading and discover the keys to making the best decision!

    How to choose your kitchen floor

    All the decisions we take when changing or renovating our kitchen, though they might seem like small details, could make a great difference. We always pay a great deal of attention to the furniture and the layout, but the floor is a key element for the following reasons:

    Cleaning and maintenance

    One of the most important things to take into account when choosing your kitchen floor is whether the material is resistant to knocks and scratches, whether it is impermeable, whether it stains easily, and whether it requires a special treatment to keep it clean and attractive…

    If you have a large family, if you have pets, and if the kitchen is the centre of activity in your home, it would be better to think about flooring which is long-lasting and easy to clean. Take a look at our suggestions!


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    Looks also matter, very much so!

    The floor is a major factor in the overall look of your kitchen. You can opt for neutral combinations which ensure a perfect result, or you could go for bolder colors, patterns and special materials that will add freshness and personality. You will find a great variety to choose from!

    The limitation of your budget

    Your real options will be limited by your budget, especially if you have a large kitchen. But don’t worry, there are now very attractive, high-quality materials at very affordable prices.

    Types of floors for kitchens

    Ceramic floors

    They are the most popular choice. And no wonder, considering how hard-wearing and easy-to-clean they are. In addition, you can find an endless variety of designs on the market, some of which perfectly imitate wood grains or the effects of stone.


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    Natural stone floors

    Granite, marble or slate are the most solid materials you will find, but they are the most expensive and they require some maintenance. The most porous ones have to be polished and treated. But, on the other hand, your floor will last a lifetime and the result will be extremely elegant.

    Wood floors

    Wood floors give the kitchen a unique feeling of warmth. The perfect choice to make the kitchen a cozy, welcoming space. The disadvantage? They require a great deal of care so they are not affected by stains and humidity.


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    Laminated floors

    Laminate flooring overcomes all the disadvantages of wood, and it is a good alternative if you want a wood-like finish.

    Porcelain floors

    Possibly the most expensive. But if you want unrivalled quality that will last a lifetime, they are your best option. You will find thousands of designs, and also imitations of other materials. They are very hard-wearing, impermeable and easy to clean.


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    Microcement floors

    They are extremely resistant, and perhaps their greatest advantage is that they do not have joints and they can be laid on top of the already-existing floor, which will make your renovation considerably cheaper. The aesthetic result will depend a great deal on the combination with furniture and walls. Nonetheless, they are not the most economical option.

    Linoleum floors

    They’re not trendy, that’s true. But the advantages of linoleum floors make up for that. It is a 100% natural material and therefore biodegradable. In addition, it is impermeable, very easy to clean and very cheap. They do not shine, they are matte, but there are a lot of colors and designs to choose from.


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