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6 kitchen peninsulas ideas you'll love

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  • 18/02/2024
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    It is becoming increasingly common to find kitchens with a peninsula thanks to changes in lifestyle and the consequent rise of the open concept.

    If you too are thinking of joining the trend, we bring you some inspiration. In today's article, we share with you some of our favourite peninsula kitchen projects from our distributors.


    Sistema Cuina Barcelona


    Not just for small spaces

    If you thought that peninsulas were the "little sisters" of islands - that is, that they are only installed when there is not enough space to install an island - we are happy to tell you that you were wrong.

    And to prove it to you, we bring you this spectacular project by our distributor in Barcelona Sistema Cuina. The kitchen is set in a large, open-plan space with different heights. It was perfectly possible to install a kitchen island, but they opted for this impressive island with a cement-effect finish.

    The result is a functional and accessible but perfectly delimited area, giving the kitchen its own entity and a certain independence.

    Aesthetically, the contrast between the cement, the anthracite grey furniture and the wooden floor creates a space with an industrial but warm atmosphere. A winning combination.




    A warm transition

    The content creators behind the Instagram account "A house in times of pandemic" put a lot of thought into designing their new kitchen (which was brought to life by our dealer Torama).

    The result, in our eyes, couldn't be more successful. The strong contrast created by the combination of black and white furniture, reinforced by the minimalism of the fronts with gola profiles instead of handles, is softened by the peninsula with a wood-effect finish worktop.

    A perfect transition for the rest of the room, in which kitchen, dining room and living room coexist in harmony.


    LG Agencement


    Double peninsula

    This project by our French distributor LG Agencement takes the U-shaped layout to the limit by including not one but two peninsulas.

    In this way, they have achieved a delimited space without having to give up the open concept and a single centimetre of work surface.


    Muebles Avenida


    Overcoming obstacles

    We love the way the peninsula is integrated into this kitchen project by our distributor Muebles Avenida.

    Here they have gone from a linear layout, which covers the entire back wall of the room, to a parallel kitchen thanks to the inclusion of an ultra-functional peninsula with a cooking, storage and dining area. All this, regardless of the fact that the wall on which it rests is set back from the window.

    The repetition of the marble-effect material of the worktop of the peninsula and of the splashback means that both parts of the kitchen coexist in perfect visual harmony.


    NM Cuines


    Maximising storage

    Along the same lines as the previous example, our distributor NM Cuines has taken the concept even further.

    The large peninsula that has been included to create a parallel distribution is followed, blending in with the wall, by a large storage area that extends from floor to ceiling. The peninsula thus becomes the backbone of both areas. The peninsula thus becomes the backbone of both areas. What do you think?


    Universal Pavimentos


    Delimiting space

    One of the main functions of peninsulas is to visually delimit the space, and a good example of this is this project by our Universal Pavimentos.

    In this large open-plan room, the kitchen area is isolated from the main square floor plan. To highlight this area, colour has been used, opting for black, which is so on-trend; but also the inclusion of a peninsula with a bar.

    the result? A contemporary and functional space.


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