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6 ideas for eating in the kitchen

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  • 23/05/2022
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    Eating in the kitchen is comfortable and practical, above all on those occasions such as breakfast in which we need to save time. With the trend for open plan kitchens, often we find dining tables as a transitional element between the kitchen and living areas. But this is not the only solution. To demonstrate this, here are 6 ideas for eating in the kitchen, taking advantage of the space with style.

    Spoiler alert: (kitchen) size doesn’t matter (as much as you think).

    Muebles Fran

    A kitchen dining area with a round table

    Do you have space in your kitchen? You have an kitchen dining area! You don´t need to have a great deal of space to put a table at which you can eat in peace.

    A good idea to take advantage of every inch of this small dining room is to choose a round table, as in this project of our distributor Muebles Fran. As it doesn’t have corners, not only do we save on space, but we facilitate the movement of diners and the positioning of chairs.

    They are perfect for small spaces and for L-shaped kitchens as they do not get in the way.

    Cocinas Sanisans

    Built-in kitchen dining area

    Do you still not have space for a table? We come to the rescue with this simple and efficient idea: build a table in to the kitchen units.

    This solution not only allows us to optimise the available space to be able to eat in the kitchen, but also gives us great storage options. We can combine the table or bar with high wall units above and columns on the sides, as in this example from our distributor Sanisans.

    The finishing touch is the lighting integrated into the units. What do you think?

    Mobles Zamora

    Breakfast bar

    A breakfast bar is perhaps one of the simplest ways of creating a place to eat in the kitchen. 

    Among its advantages is the fact that we can use it from both sides, changing our outlook “creating” different eating environments. These also reduce the visual weight of the room, providing spaciousness and fluidity.

    We can choose to use the same material as for the worktop or create contrast by using different materials and/or finishes, as in the example of our distributor Mobles Zamora.

    We can also play around with the choice of high stools, which will help us to create different styles in the kitchen.

    Cocinas Basoko

    Sitting at the kitchen island

    Do you have a big kitchen that opens into the living room? Don't give up on making the most of the space! Kitchen islands are extremely useful for this purpose.

    An example of this is this project by Basoko: an island which can be used for cooking on, sitting at to eat, and has a lot of storage space. It also works to link the kitchen and living room together. Pure versatility.

    Cocinas Basoko

    Kitchen islands and peninsulas with an overhang

    If you want even more storage space from your kitchen island or peninsula, we propose a simple solution: extend the worktop into an overhang. In this way, diners will have enough space to sit comfortably.


    Menuisierie Agasse

    A table attached to the kitchen units

    If we have more space, we can take the idea of an overhang to the extreme. In this project, our distributor in France, Menuiserie Agasse, has devised an intelligent solution to eat in the kitchen: attach a table to the kitchen units. The table is placed touching the back of the kitchen island, so it is perfectly built in.

    On this occasion, the whole design is very compact, as the table is in black, a colour which complements the furniture in this kitchen.

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