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4 kitchen wall coverings you will love

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  • 07/11/2022
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    At OB Cocinas we like to keep up with all the interior design trends in the most important room in the house. We spend a lot of time looking at images and reading about design. As because sharing is caring, we want to show you four kitchen wall coverings you are sure to love.

    Tiles: a true classic

    Let's start with a classic among classics: tiles. This ceramic wall covering is used to cover the walls of many spaces and places such as bathrooms, kitchens, patios, facades... They are made of a very durable material,  which is waterproof, resistant to different temperatures and requires no maintenance.

    Focusing on aesthetics, the variety of designs is almost endless! There are different:

    • Shapes: square, rectangular, hexagonal...
    • Sizes: from 10 cm upwards.
    • Textures: many tiles use relief to create different optical effects.
    • Colours and patterns: everything you can imagine.
    • Prices: to suit all budgets.

    In the picture, our distributor Muebles Basoko Altzariak opted for a timeless design (which is also VERY much in fashion): small square white tiles, although in this case with a with a twist by highlighting the joints in black.



    Marble: a touch of elegance

    Marble is another of our favourite materials for the kitchen. And it seems that it is for the general public too, as it is increasingly found on worktops, floors, islands and, of course, kitchen splashbacks.

    This material brings that extra exclusivity which can only be provided by natural stone. And no two pieces are the same, each one of its veins unique. In addition, it is extremely resistant to heat and potential knocks, making it long lasting.

    In kitchens it is often used polished and treated to reduce its porosity, which will reduce the risk of marring or staining. It is also very common to use other materials that imitate the finish of marble, as is the case with the porcelain tile in the image we share, where we can see how the worktop serves to panel and protect the wall.

    Whether it be marble or marble effect, we can find it in a wide variety of colours and ranges of whites, blacks, greys, beiges, reds and browns; which will match almost any style we want to give to the kitchen: classic, minimalist, modern...




    Say yes to wood

    Wood effect finishes on kitchen walls are becoming increasingly common. No wonder! This material is capable of bringing warmth to any design, however industrial or minimalist the kitchen units and other elements are. Its texture also adds depth and a natural and organic touch.

    The variety of colour shades of wood (from the chocolate tones of walnut to the honey tones of some oak woods and the pink of cherry) means that this material goes with almost any colour; although we admit that we love to combine it with white or black furniture; as our distributor Antares has done in the example shown above.


    Go for exposed brickwork

    Recently we have noticed that exposed brickwork has begun to come back in the world of interior design (if it ever really went away that is!) We are seeing it take the lead in living rooms, bedrooms and, of course, kitchens.

    This is a trend we wanted to include in our new design proposal for the kitchen units of our new Fénix Azul. In this case, the exposed brickwork adds to the industrial style of the loft in which we have located our kitchen. However this material is not only suited to this style, but also it can also help us to create contemporary, rustic and even boho chic styles. You can try painting it, or leaving one wall in the room or even half a wall, creating a kind of base board.

    If you opt for it in the kitchen, above all in the areas which have the potential to be splashed when cooking, we recommend you apply some kind of treatment to seal it to enable its subsequent cleaning, as it is a very porous material, in order to maintain it in good condition. Another option is to opt for wallpaper or other materials which imitate this finish. They have a good visual effect and their maintenance is very easy.


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