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Green kitchen with island laminate finish

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By:Cuisine en scène (Vienne - Francia)
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Green continues to be an absolute trend in kitchens. And no wonder, as it is a very versatile colour for creating different atmospheres. Accompanied by wood, it will take us directly to nature; with white, to the freshest light; and with black it is capable of creating an atmosphere of pure luxury.

don't you believe it? Come with us to analyse this project carried out by Cuisine en Scène, one of our distributors in France, which once again leaves us with our mouths wide open. The key to this sophisticated and vibrant kitchen is the combination of colours. The colour green has been used in absolutely all the furniture in this large kitchen laid out in parallel. On the front of the wall we find our Fenix model in this tone all around the perimeter of the room. From left to right, we start with a set of floor-to-ceiling units, in which, in addition to plenty of storage, we have integrated the fridge and dishwasher to give visual uniformity; and four built-in electrical appliances: oven, microwave, coffee machine and wine cooler.

This linear line ends with a long series of base units on which an impressive granite-black worktop with golden veins has been installed. In order not to break this aesthetic, both the taps and the sink under the worktop are black. The worktop becomes even more spectacular on the island that completes the layout of this kitchen. In it we find two different parts: one dedicated to cooking and informal lunches; and another lower one that creates a dining table with seating for four diners.

In addition to the worktop, gold tones dot the room in different ways. From the gola profile found on all the base units to the lamps and a multitude of decorative objects. To give stability and solidity to the whole, black also appears on all the seats in the kitchen, as well as on the electrical appliances and framing the windows. The result? A kitchen full of contrasts and glamour.

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