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Linear green kitchen with laminate finish

By:Basoko (Villabona - España)
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This project signed by Muebles Basoko Altzariak was quite a design challenge. The space in which they had to integrate a complete kitchen was a tiny flat in the Gros neighbourhood of San Sebastian, measuring just 37 square metres! Spoiler: challenge overcome. We tell you all the details.

Let's take a look at the layout of the different furniture and electrical appliances, because although it may not look like it, this is a kitchen that lacks nothing: fridge, oven, microwave, dishwasher... and plenty of storage. and plenty of storage! From right to left, we find two columns from ceiling to floor in which the microwave and fridge have been fitted, as well as storage space. We continue with base units for the sink, dishwasher, hob and oven and a final unit with drawers.

To give it an urban feel, the wall has been covered with vinyl wallpaper that imitates the classic square white tiles, but with a twist by marking the joints in black. The upper part has been used almost entirely for storage, although in one of the wall units we can find the extractor hood recessed into the wall. With the challenge of the layout overcome, let's move on to look at the aesthetics, which also have a lot to say. In such a small flat, it was essential not to add weight or visual noise. All of this without giving up the joy of colour. To achieve this, Muebles Basoko Altzariak has opted for the freshness of our Vitoria model in green for the base units and columns. Both the fridge and the dishwasher have been panelled to blend in with the design scheme.

As a counterpoint and to match the appliances on display, the plinths and handles are black, adding solidity to the whole. For the wall units, they have chosen our Alabama model, with an oak effect, which gives the necessary organic touches to create a cosy and natural-looking space. In order not to overload the set, one of the pieces of furniture has been replaced by open shelves.

With the available surface area, it was obvious that the kitchen (and the whole flat, in fact) had to respond to the guidelines of the open concept. Within its possibilities, we opted for a linear layout in front of which a dining table would be placed.

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