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Black and wood kitchen with island in laminate and wood finish

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By:Cuisine en scène (Vienne - Francia)
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Sober, elegant and warm. These three words would be enough to describe this stunning kitchen that our distributor Cuisine en Scène created for one of its clients in the French city of Vienne. But as we know that you are eager to know all the secrets of this project, let's get down to work.

Let's start with the choice of colours and aesthetic finishes, as they have a lot to say in this kitchen. For the fronts of all the furniture, we have opted for our Fenix laminate model in black. Its matte and non-porous finish gives a neutral and sober impression to the whole. In order not to detract from the uniformity, we have dispensed with handles, opting for the opening system with a gola profile, also in black.

So far, so "normal". However, our Padova model, made of walnut wood, has been used for the visible furniture. We find this type of wood on the wall cladding in the work area and on the ceiling above the island. It is this combination of materials that starts to create the magic in the kitchen. However, we must say that the master touch that enhances the whole ensemble is the spectacular worktop that crowns all the surfaces (special mention should be made of the effect it creates on the central island). It is made of Cheyenne granite, a deep black material on which the white and grey veins create suggestive and elegant shapes.

To add to the elegant feel of the entire kitchen, there are a few touches of gold metal in the taps, the striking wall clock and the Mid Century style ceiling lights.

In terms of layout, Cuisine en Scène has done a great job. So much so that you have to look closely to realise that what looks like a completely rectangular room, with one of its short sides open to the dining room, is not really rectangular at all. The other short side is not a 90º angle, but much more open. To visually correct this, this space has been set aside to begin an L-shaped layout by installing floor-to-ceiling black furniture that reduces the sense of inclination.

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