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Our kitchens: Petrus

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  • 02/12/2023
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    You have already been able to see on our social networks some photos of the new products we are presenting at EspritCuisine 2023. In this article we want to go further and tell you in depth all the details of one of the design proposals that we presented at the Parisian show. The one we did with our new model Petrus.

    ready to discover all its secrets? Read on!


    Parallel distribution

    Our new proposal is based on the open concept. In it, two very well differentiated areas are distributed in parallel.

    On the one hand, and integrated into the wall of the room, a shelf dedicated almost exclusively to storage. For the finish of this furniture, we have opted for a variant of the terracotta colour: a new almagra colour. As you know, this is a shade that is an absolute trend and will continue to be so for a good season, as 2024 arrives with a desire for very warm and cosy kitchens.

    This area comes with a surprise, since all the furniture that compose it, together with the electrical appliances and even a breakfast area, disappear from our sight thanks to the new design; disappear from view thanks to the incorporation of retractable doors.

    As if by magic, and in just a few steps, this area "hides" behind these doors in a wood effect finish (this is our new Aleve Natural model, an HPL laminate with an oak wood effect finish) and minimalist style that connects very well with the other area of the kitchen.



    This is none other than a large island that dominates the room and on which all the activity in the kitchen is concentrated. Here we find a space dedicated to cooking, another to the sink and a spectacular adjoining dining table that can comfortably seat four people.

    For the fronts of the island, the same wood-effect finish has been used as for the retractable doors, combined with the finish that gives this kitchen its name: Petrus.


    Petrus... and seven other finishes

    Petrus is not only present in the drawer fronts and doors of the island, but it is also the finish chosen for the interior of all the furniture.

    The design proposal that we present to you belongs to our PR-19 line. The solidity and hardness are the most outstanding characteristics of this line, in which both the interior frame and the shelves are made of wood particle boards with a thickness greater than those we can find on the market: 19 mm. The back is made of 6 mm thick wood fibre laminate (MDF).

    And as it is not all about technical features, aesthetics are also important. That's why we can customise the finish of the interior frame of this line, which is available in 8 different finishes: Grey, Bruna, Petrus, Mink, Anthracite, Amazonas, Valentina and Frida. Impossible not to find one that fits the kitchen you have been dreaming of.



    Making a difference

    But let's go back to those small, unnoticed details that can turn a kitchen unit into a great kitchen unit.

    Let's start with those that support the solidity of our PR-19 line. On the one hand, the Libra concealed hanger, which incorporates an anti-tilt system with locking and can support up to 75 kg in weight. And on the other, Kintai, a built-in support that is also anti-tilt and specially designed for decorative shelves and module shelves.



    We continue with something that will make your life easier: Tip-On, a mechanical assisted opening system that makes it possible to create handle-free furniture. The best thing? All you have to do is press lightly on the front to open and close.

    This system is ideal for the Link hinged opening system and for the HKI Bold display case, where the mechanism is located on the side of the cabinet body. Its folding compass is fully integrated to create new designs in complete freedom.



    The new INBOX decorative modulation system also provides design and functionality in a single element.


    El toque final se lo hemos dado con el sistema de iluminación Led Multiblanco. Gracias a él, podemos seleccionar la temperatura de color, regulándola desde los 2.700 K, que proporcionan una luz cálida, hasta los 5.000 K, de luz fría. El perfil Led puede ser en  acabado negro o plata y está disponible para sistemas de encendido por bluetooth.

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