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  • 22/02/2022
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    If you’re looking for a kitchen with simple lines that adds elegance while upholding complete functionality, Kobe may be the very best option for you.

    Kobe is part of the PR-19 concept, developed by OB Cocinas. The main purpose of PR-19 is to meld aesthetics and function, heeding the highest market demands and – naturally – the highest quality.

    Designed for your home

    Warmth and serenity.  That is the feeling emitted by Kobe. Not only due to the tone of the wood, the finish with horizontal grains, the simplicity of the design, with embedded handles to create totally smooth lines… they all come together to create an understated and calming effect in your kitchen. 

    Its simplicity makes it extremely versatile and, therefore, completely adaptable to all needs and to any type of style or décor. You can combine your Kobe PR-19 by adding other functional and decorative items in darker tones. As you can see in the photos, materials like glass, metal and stone all work perfectly with Kobe.

    Comfort, convenience and sophistication

    Comfort and convenience are the overriding features of Kobe PR-19, essential for daily life in your home and a key to fully enjoying your time in the kitchen.

    The opening system makes it easier to work in the kitchen. Further, the handles embedded into the front not only simplify movements, they also reduce the visual impact of the furniture, which makes it highly versatile and adaptable to any type of design or ambience. 

    And, speaking of furniture, Elegance drawers are the finishing touch for this combination, adding distinction without taking away from total ease, thanks to their total synchronized extension slide with integrated damping. However, don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity, Elegance drawers have a load capacity of up to 40 kg per runner. And if you’re worried about how to combine them, there are endless possibilities for the interior of each module, and you can choose between our Orion Gray and Inox finishes.


    Unique details

    A Kobe PR-19 kitchen is a unique kitchen. And its details are what define the difference. You can add other items to the basic modules that lighten the overall effect to create perfect harmony. One example of this is Bold glass cabinets that, along with the decorative module with internal and external lighting, give that extra special touch to your kitchen. 

    So that you have everything organized and on hand and keep adding to the aesthetic whole, we have our Q20 shelves for you, ensuring that you can organize, separate and hang all types of utensils, another feature that contributes to making your life just that much easier.

    Create your moment

    At OB Cocinas, we know that kitchens are the heart and soul of every home. And we love creating spaces where you can spend time with your family, your friends and, why not, also by yourself. One example is our bar counter, the perfect spot for having breakfast, aperitifs and gathering around while cooking.  Just place a few high stools around it and voila, new favorite spot.

    Would you like more information about our Kobe kitchen? Download the brochure here to get full details and specifications. If you still haven’t decided and would like to see OB Cocinas’ other lines, then please download our full catalog. You’ll find all the styles, applications and functionalities you could ever imagine for getting started on your project and creating more life in your kitchen, working together with us.

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