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Our kitchens: Fenix Azul

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  • 07/10/2022
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    It’s time to take a look at all the details we’re proposing with the design of our new Fenix Azul model. A launch that couldn’t come at a better time, now that blue is again trending strong in kitchen furniture, a trend we think will have at least one more fan once you finish reading this post. 

    Our proposal is based on an open concept within a loft-style environment that seeks to create a kitchen packed with personality, elegance and a natural feel – without overlooking, of course, the most discerning technical features. This model belongs to our PR-19 kitchen line, which features cabinets and shelves manufactured with 19 mm thick laminated wood particle boards for both strength and sturdiness.

    What’s more, we’ve added a new feature: you can now customize the inside of the cabinets with a choice of seven different finishes. Here you can see what the faux-wood finish on the inside of the cabinets looks like.


    A well-planned layout

    If you regularly read our blog or follow us on social networks, you know how important we consider layout to be. Knowing where to place the space for cooking, the space for cleaning and the worktop (not to mention storage!) is key to ensuring that working in the kitchen is smooth, agile, and most of all comfortable.

    Here, we opted for a U-shaped layout, with the three well-differentiated areas forming a perfect triangle. Since the kitchen opens to the living room, the third side of our U is a peninsula that serves as a way to divide and transition between the two spaces.

    Arranged as a worktop, this peninsula can be converted into the favourite place in the house for friends and family to get together by simply adding some stools, celebrating the traditional idea of the kitchen as the heart of the home.


    A cosy loft


    Although lofts are usually associated with more industrial and urban interior design styles, here we wanted to soften this character a bit by adding a touch of warmth and an organic feel to the design.

    How? Simple. To start, we included a series of components in a wood finish to offset the potential coldness of the blue. Next, what really matters: how we included them.




    On the one hand, we added above-counter shelves that go beyond simple décor to serve as a practical storage solution for keeping the most regularly used kitchen ingredients or utensils like spices and cups easily accessible.

    On the other hand, we added the Zero shelf to incorporate a natural vibe into the space. This modular system is extremely versatile and combines aesthetics with functionality.



    To complete the design, we installed the Q20 shelf unit over one end of the peninsula to reduces the visual weight of the overall design.


    Storage, storage and more storage

    We’re sure that everyone agrees… we love an organised kitchen!

    That's why our new Fenix Azul model comes with the Slim equipment system. This modern, ultra-practical design incorporates a storage solution for almost any kitchen furniture module you can imagine - a dream for neat freaks!


    Another feature of the interior of the cabinets is the Optimus drawers and pull-outs, which seamlessly combine design, comfort and storage capacity. And it comes in two different finishes: white and graphite.


    To open the cabinets and drawers we opted for a solution with personality but that still lets the furniture be the star: profile handles in black.

    On our tour of the Fenix Azul space, we have to stop at the Bold display cabinet which, built into the peninsula and with a metal frame in black finish and internal lighting, adds beauty and a unique touch to the overall look.


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