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Our kitchens: Dover

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  • 11/05/2022
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    Simplicity is not exclusive of comfort (or quality!). And our  Dover kitchen is proof of this. We present a completely open-plan kitchen that is perfectly integrated with other areas. Don’t miss out on its details!

    Let’s begin with the most important feature: this model is in our PR-19 line, a new concept of kitchen furniture. This means that the structure and units are made of laminated particle board that is thicker than normal. Specifically, it is 19 mm thick, which lends extra robustness and durability to the units. The back is made of 6mm laminated fibreboard (commonly known as MDF).

    Let it flow: open your kitchen into the living room

    One of the biggest enduring trends in interior design in recent years is that of creating an open-plan kitchen. Without a doubt, this is an effective and easily achievable way to gain natural light, and above all, visual space in both areas.

    However, the consolidation of this trend should push us to go a step further, and think about “open concept”. In other words, to stop thinking about the living room and kitchen as two spaces which are ‘alongside one another but not combined’ and start to see them as a single area through which life flows as naturally as possible.


    The first step, of course is to pull down all the dividers which separate the rooms. Not only partition walls, but other vertical elements such as shelving or pillars which impede sightlines and movement.

    Secondly, we should try to harmonise decoration in both spaces to create a single area. In this case, our Dover kitchen can be a great asset. Its warm finishes are easily combined with furniture in the living room and, not forgetting, the dining room (a great link between the area for cooking and the area for relaxation and leisure),

    Kitchen units without handles: functionality and better visual integration

    The units in our Dover kitchen do not have handles. Thanks to this we can achieve visual consistency which has a great aesthetic impact and is easily combinable with the living room or dining room (and makes day-to-day cleaning much easier too!)

    A gentle tap on the front of units is all that is needed to open them. This is thanks to our mechanical assisted opening system Tip-On, which allows high and low units to be opened and shut (both cupboards and drawers) with a light lap. 


    In the case of the wall units, we have combined this opening system with the HK opening system made up of hinged doors, so that the doors lift up instead of opening outwards, allowing a greater fluidity in the passage and freedom of movement.

    To lighten the visual weight without losing storage capacity, we decided to alternate the closed wall units with open shelving (in this case our Q20 metal shelving), perfect for displaying our favourite crockery or glassware, or even to place some decorative elements that facilitate the aesthetic integration of the kitchen with other areas of our home: vases, small ornaments, photo frames...

    Tidy drawers... And in your style!

    For lower units in our Dover kitchen, we have opted for drawers with a PUSH opening. With our Elegance drawers opening system we achieved a load capacity of up to 40 kg per drawer runner. However, this would be useless if it were not for the fact that this system facilitates movement thanks to the fact that these runners allow full, synchronised extraction with integrated damping. Imagine not only how many things you can store there but also how easy it will be to access them.

    But it doesn’t end there. We included automatic LED lighting inside the drawers, so every time a draw is opened you can see its contents perfectly This is also especially useful in open plan kitchen, as you can pick up any utensil or food without interfering the activities in other spaces.

    What do you think? If you would like to see more models, don’t miss the “Our kitchens” section

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