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Choosing a sink? The best ideas from our dealers

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  • 21/04/2024
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    Renovating your kitchen can be quite a design challenge. There are so many things to take into account that making decisions can be very difficult for some people: Will I have enough storage or should I put more wall units? Is the place I have chosen to install the oven the most suitable? Will these units be comfortable for me or should I put drawers? Not to mention the choice of colours and materials!

    When faced with these situations, you know that we always recommend that you go to an expert. Or, in other words: the OB Cocinas dealer closest to your home.

    That's why, on this occasion, we were not going to be any less. One of the elements that is very difficult to decide is the sink, and we believe that the best thing to do is to see some examples of projects by our distributors to inspire you and help you choose.

    what do you think of the idea? Here we go!


    Sistema Cuina

    All in black!

    We start with a project from our Catalan distributor Sistema Cuina. In it we clearly identify several trends.

    The first, one that arrived several years ago and is here to stay: the built-in or undercounter sink. This type of sink is perfectly integrated into the design of the worktop, practically forming a whole.

    One look and you want to say goodbye to countertop sinks forever. Built-in sinks are much more discreet, blend in with the design and, most importantly, are much easier to clean.

    The second trend we spotted: the colour black. A couple of decades ago, installing a black sink was practically unthinkable, as this colour was not identified with the idea of hygiene and most people opted for stainless steel or white materials.

    Fortunately for the creativity of kitchen designers and kitchen owners, this has changed and now imagination is the limit.

    In this kitchen, Sistema Cuina has played with black through a multitude of elements: from the furniture, to the sink, through switches, taps and... the last accessory we wanted to point out!

    Next to the tap, we see a liquid soap dispenser embedded in the worktop: super useful and ideal for minimalist kitchens.


    Rivas Sánchez Carpinteros


    I was given two

    A similar sink concept can be found in this kitchen designed by our distributor in Ciudad Real, Rivas Sánchez Carpinteros.

    He has also opted for the black colour and the undercountertop, but he has added a plus of functionality by installing a sink with two basins.

    As always, this decision will depend on your tastes, needs or the characteristics of the available space; but in general, it is usually a good idea to install two sinks.

    This facilitates the task of washing up, allowing us to use one of the two basins as a rinsing or drying area; something very useful if we do not have space on the worktop for it or we want it to go unnoticed.


    Sistema Cuina


    Clear and warm

    We return to Sistema Cuina to see a completely different concept of sink and kitchen!

    This project opts for organic, neutral and light colours to create a welcoming space with a fresh and clean air. And the sink could not be less, so they have opted for white.

    Although it is a simple style composition, they have not forgotten about functionality and have chosen a tap with a pull-out hose to make washing up easier.


    Basoko Altazariak


    Decontextualised classics

    We close our article with a clear demonstration that something old-fashioned doesn't have to look old, let alone boring!

    We have to admit that this project by Basoko Altzariak caught our attention from the very first moment because of its design solutions. It is a very small, single-fronted, open-plan kitchen in a small flat. But they did not leave any detail behind, nor did they opt for a minimalist and classic design.

    On the contrary, they chose to combine different colours and finishes, resulting in a very lively, yet soft and cosy scene. Within this set, the stainless steel sink (the simplest and most seen in every home) fits perfectly into this modern design. What do you think?


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